Christmas Tag

Thank you to Fiona for tagging me in this fun festive challenge! Let's get straight into it :). 1. Do you prefer giving or receiving gifts Giving! 100%. I get weirdly anxious at receiving gifts because my face shows everything my mind is thinking and I live in fear of potentially upsetting someone if my … Continue reading Christmas Tag

The many faces of Self-Harm

I feel like each time I start a post I want to start off by saying "this is really hard for me to write about." Although I'm comfortable with sharing information about myself, I am mostly private. I'm naturally introverted, I can get stuck in my own head and after an upbringing of only ever … Continue reading The many faces of Self-Harm

Caffeine Crisis

Thank you so much to the lovely Erin for this post. You can find Erin on Twitter and on her Blog. Erin blogs about anxiety, parenting, life and pretty much everything in between! Please check her out, she writes so beautifully and is such a lovely person. I really loved this post, I'm a bit … Continue reading Caffeine Crisis

Self-Awareness Tools

Self-awareness. Our ability to have a clear perception of ourselves. Our strengths and weaknesses, our emotions & their origin, what motivates us, our core beliefs and what makes us tick. I wanted to write this post because I am yet to interact with a person who wouldn’t benefit from further developed self-awareness. Due to the … Continue reading Self-Awareness Tools