Pocket Self-Care Kit

I take Self-Care seriously, I feel I say that too much, but I do. I believe we all should. No matter what our current situations are, it’s always so beneficial to take some time out and re-centre. It is so good for our mental health and well-being to give our minds some downtime. I have … Continue reading Pocket Self-Care Kit

Inverted Comparison

I think, by this point, a lot of us know how dangerous comparison is for our own self-esteem. As the well-known saying goes “comparison is the thief of happiness”. I really believe that to be true. What I want to talk about is Comparison, but kind of flipped around, more onto ourselves. The dangers of … Continue reading Inverted Comparison

Self-Awareness Tools

Self-awareness. Our ability to have a clear perception of ourselves. Our strengths and weaknesses, our emotions & their origin, what motivates us, our core beliefs and what makes us tick. I wanted to write this post because I am yet to interact with a person who wouldn’t benefit from further developed self-awareness. Due to the … Continue reading Self-Awareness Tools