Hello you!

Welcome to my Blog, I’m so pleased you’ve stopped by.

First things first, my name is Khadra (pronounced Kay-dra) 🙂

I started this Blog in the hope that I would be able to help others in some way, shape or form. I hope that by sharing my thoughts, insights, experiences, opinions, tips and ideas on Mental-Health that I can do just that.

i’m excited to share, with you, my own experiences with my Mental-Health and Wellbeing. I have struggled with Anxiety and bouts of Depression since I was a child and at times it really has been debilitating. I am mostly in a better place at the moment but there are times that these issues take over me. I’ve worked so hard to be where I am now and who knows? Maybe the self-work I did can help you too?

I love utilising this space as an opportunity to release the thoughts within my head into a loving, supportive and encouraging network. I do hope that my persepctives can help you in some way, give you some hope or at least plant a seed.

We are all good and human. Lets give ourselves a break, practice some self-love and acceptance and continue to grow. I look forward to doing this with you ❤

My first Blog Post explains the name of this Blog, but briefly I believe that as people, we are good and we are human. I changed the well known saying of “the good and the bad”. Calling someone bad does not sit well with me. I’d rather have a more broad view in the sense that we are all products of our upbringing and surroundings – lets cut each other some slack. I believe in showing compassion and love to all.

I am realistically optimistic. I know how suffocating mental-health issues can be, I don’t preach a one fix for all. I know that someday’s getting out of bed is the biggest of obstacles so I am not here to belittle those doing the very best they can. I am optimistic, but realistic with that optimism.

I am also a Counsellor and love to use my experience and the lessons I have learnt about myself/people on this blog. A lot of my inspiration comes from the trends and themes I have noticed within Counselling and a great deal of my training is also included.

In short I am a Counsellor, a hugger, a deep thinker, a validator, a love giver, smile creator, motivator, your biggest supporter and a Blogger. I’d love for you to stick around, follow/subscribe and comment on my posts. Share your Blogs with me if you have them and let’s all share in the abundance of love and success together.