I have some news…



I’m pregnant ❤️ although my first thought was … SHIT! I’m Pregnant!!

Stu and I found out together and I’d say we’re both still experiencing some shock but we’re both really excited.

I was unsure of whether I wanted to write this post but as this news has unleashed a world of anxiety, depression, paranoia, fear, love, happiness, excitement and probably everything in between I really felt I needed to. If anything is effecting my Mental-Health then I want to talk about in. As always, in the hope it may help someone else.

I guess with so many situations in life, people have this pre-conceived idea of how things should be. Ever since I’ve got married I get asked at least once a week “when are you having a baby?” People often tell Stu and I that we’ve done things the “right way”. Which I think is ridiculous – let’s catch up with the times shall we?

The reason I wanted to highlight this is because it’s a pressure. It’s pressure to behave in a certain way and pressure to feel a certain way. Which in turn can cause inner conflict. I’m expected to be over the moon but sometimes the anxiety cripples me and I have this alongside some of the most intense physical symptoms I’ve experienced in my life. This is no game.

Also, the obvious concern about sharing this news – what if something goes “wrong”? well firstly, if I miscarry or something doesn’t go to plan I will be devastated. I also would have talked about it whether I had announced I was pregnant or not because I’m passionate about having the uncomfortable conversations.

Maybe it’s the shock, this wasn’t planned and as someone who needs planning to feel secure this has really challenged me. I’m so out of control of knowing exactly what is going on within me that it scares me and at the same time the overwhelming love I have is tangible. It’s a lot!

It’s so much to process and I know this mostly sounds negative but we are happy and pleasantly surprised. I am grateful that we are pregnant, please don’t think I’m not, I know a lot of people struggle with fertility/miscarriage issues and we are fortunate to catch on an absolute one off but please don’t try and take away from the fact I’m a person. I’m allowed to feel what I need to feel and I’ll continue to do so in the most sensitive way I can.

Please pleaseeee share any challenges to your mental health that you had when you or your partner fell pregnant. I’d love to hear that I’m not the only one slowly losing it with fear and love.


20 thoughts on “I have some news…

  1. Mrs Robinson says:

    I’ve been there and if you ever need a chat, a rant, or some reassurance then give me a poke. Congrats on your pregnancy – feel whatever you need to feel while processing this change in your life xxxx


  2. Fiona Jackson says:

    Congratulations. I’m so happy for you and Stu.

    The mental health challenges that often come along with pregnancy aren’t talked about enough. I can only imagine the anxiety and mix of feelings that must come along with such a big change. I’m grateful to you for being willing to talk about the uncomfortable things, it’s a testament to the strength of your advocacy and dedication.

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  3. mysimplemind01 says:

    Congratulations!! Very scary I am sure but also exciting and A journey you will go on together. You are not the first person I have heard express fear of the realness of it all so I am sure many will benefit from you sharing 💕

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  4. Fiona, Sunshine, Raindrops and Tea in the Garden says:

    Aww congratulations lovely to you and your husband, that is wonderful news ❤️I think pregnancy is completely unique to each person, as we are all unique to each other, so everyone will probably feel at least slightly different physically and emotionally.
    I really am so happy for you and I hope that you feel your best during this special time of growing a little one xx

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  5. The Girl Who Writes says:

    Congratulations to you and Stu!
    Please do not feel guilty at all for how you feel; you are right – you are completely allowed and need to feel what you feel! (And don’t let anyone tell you otherwise)
    Though is wasn’t planned, take some time now to make a plan for the journey you’ve started.
    Wishing you a safe, happy and healthy journey ahead.

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  6. Cathy Tubb says:

    Thank you for your honesty. It’s okay to be excited, nervous, terrified, anxious, happy, overwhelmed…whatever you feel, it’s okay! I might be a total stranger but know that I am wishing you well on this new journey, however it goes and whatever it may bring you! I’ll be hoping you stay healthy and well and may you be surrounded with all the love and support you need!

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  7. justabelfastgirl says:

    I am absolutely delighted for you and Stu, doll! This will be amazing, but no doubt scary experience for you both. As Cathy said above, it’s okay to have mixed emotions on this. I miscarried in August last year so I get the paranoia and feeling of being overwhelmed. Congratulations!!! Can’t wait to see the little one and if they are anywhere near as beautiful, smart and talented as their mummy then they’ve already got three amazing things going for them! xx

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    • thegoodthehuman says:

      Oh love I’m so sorry 💔 thank for you saying you get where I’m coming from. It’s so comforting to know I’m not alone. You are such a beautiful soul ❤ thank you so so much for this. Honestly this made my week. I keep rereading it lol 🙈! Thanks babe ❤

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      • justabelfastgirl says:

        I’m okay, I’d a post scheduled about it for next week funnily enough, as I’m finally ready to talk about it.
        That’s what are friends for! Loved the insta announcement. Really delighted for you both and can’t wait to see scan pics and meant every word above xxx


  8. NWJH says:

    Congratulations, what a lovely start to the New Year, wishing you all the very best! It’s natural to feel every emotion under the sun and the hormones will magnify them, but that includes the good ones. It will be a scary, anxious, exciting and wonderful time, I’m so pleased for you.


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