Pocket Self-Care Kit

I take Self-Care seriously, I feel I say that too much, but I do. I believe we all should. No matter what our current situations are, it’s always so beneficial to take some time out and re-centre. It is so good for our mental health and well-being to give our minds some downtime. I have written a post previously all about what I like to do for self-care and I will link that here for you. In today’s post about Self-Care, I wanted to share with you a little package that was so generously sent to me. This lovely Pocket Self-Care Kit! You can find it here if you would like to take a look. Please know this was sent to me for my honest opinion and that is exactly what you are getting :).

I really love the idea behind this box. I think sometimes when we think of self-care we think of these time-consuming activities in order to re-connect and relax. However, Self-Care can be done on the go and quickly! It’s so great if you don’t have tonnes of time for pampering yourself or going for long walks. Maybe you work full time, you’re a busy parent or your mental health isn’t in the place where you have the free mental energy to do those things. This little box is perfect for that!

I love how this is made by Cara herself. Someone out there has made a little Self-Care box for me. It makes me feel like this person cares, that I’m a little less alone like they understand how important self-care is and almost feels like I’m being given permission to relax and take some time. Cara says I can.

Cara has hand selected the lovely products that come in the box. In this box you will get:

1 x assorted scent wax melt
1 x assorted scent mini bath bomb
1 x assorted scent mini bottle of essential oil
1 x envelope of succulent seeds with instructions
2 x assorted flavour tea bags
3 x assorted self-care cards

How perfect is that?! I personally love carrying the little self-care cards on me (perfect for purse/wallets) and reading them when I need a pick me up. Short, positive affirmations to give a boost when it’s needed! Affirmations really work for me, it’s worth giving them a go if you haven’t tried them yet.

I think this little box would be so perfect to get yourself as a treat or to give to a gift to others. If you know a new mother, someone whose work life is stressing them out, a deserving fellow Blogger, someone who’s feeling alone or uncared for – anybody you can think of that would be touched by this gift. I personally thought of my best friend who’s doing her PhD – I know she would love this and the thought behind it would mean so much to her.

Finally, Cara is amazingly donating 50p from every purchase to MIND, the mental health charity. I myself have been a Counsellor for MIND so I know first-hand the amazing work they do. This is such a worthwhile cause and I’m so proud of Cara for making this decision.

If you want to check out Cara on social media, or her Etsy page or her amazing Mental-Health blog I will link them for you. If you do get a Pocket Self-Care Kit let me know, I’d love to know what you think!

Take Care


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6 thoughts on “Pocket Self-Care Kit

  1. allthingsalexx says:

    This is such an amazing idea to get for yourself or for a person in your life who might be struggling, it cuts out the mental energy to think of what to do and what to get for self care and it comes in one piece. I have such respect that some of the money goes towards MIND which will help fund help for others struggling. I would love to pick one up for a friend of mine for Christmas, and I think I would grab one for secret Santa too! Great post and a great idea!
    Alex x


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