He’s here – Positive Birth Story

Seeing as my last blog post was announcing my pregnancy, this feels like a natural progression on from that! Wednesday 11th September at 4:57pm, 11 days overdue, all 8 pounds 2 and 1/2 ounces of our baby boy came into the world. He kept us waiting but he was so worth the wait. When I … Continue reading He’s here – Positive Birth Story


I have some news…

*TRIGGER WARNING* Fertility/Pregnancy/Miscarriage I'm pregnant ❤️ although my first thought was ... SHIT! I'm Pregnant!! Stu and I found out together and I'd say we're both still experiencing some shock but we're both really excited. I was unsure of whether I wanted to write this post but as this news has unleashed a world of … Continue reading I have some news…

Christmas Tag

Thank you to Fiona for tagging me in this fun festive challenge! Let's get straight into it :). 1. Do you prefer giving or receiving gifts Giving! 100%. I get weirdly anxious at receiving gifts because my face shows everything my mind is thinking and I live in fear of potentially upsetting someone if my … Continue reading Christmas Tag

Anxiety & Memory

I recently put out a tweet asking if any other anxiety sufferers noticed poor memory recall.  I was looking to understand if there is a link between anxiety and memory formation/loss. I had an overwhelming response to this and it turns out this is a real and serious experience. So many got back to me … Continue reading Anxiety & Memory

Caffeine Crisis

Thank you so much to the lovely Erin for this post. You can find Erin on Twitter and on her Blog. Erin blogs about anxiety, parenting, life and pretty much everything in between! Please check her out, she writes so beautifully and is such a lovely person. I really loved this post, I'm a bit … Continue reading Caffeine Crisis

Self-Awareness Tools

Self-awareness. Our ability to have a clear perception of ourselves. Our strengths and weaknesses, our emotions & their origin, what motivates us, our core beliefs and what makes us tick. I wanted to write this post because I am yet to interact with a person who wouldn’t benefit from further developed self-awareness. Due to the … Continue reading Self-Awareness Tools